A safe weight loss program

5 & 1

Well known amongst those in the clinical community Medifast’s popularity has increased with the introduction of their 5 & 1 plan®. Available to all without needing to be under a doctor’s supervision this plan is effective and safe.

It’s a plan that allows you to eat a 5 meal replacements and 1 Lean & Green™ meal. The meal replacements are densely packed with nutrients and fortified with minerals and vitamins.

There is so much balance offered with this plan. People who use this plan are eating constantly. Often, they are eating so much that they never find themselves hungry.

Weight loss can be made simple through the implementation of this plan.

During the course of this plan you can eat 6, yes 6 times per day. This is ultimately the number of times that you should eat when implementing any type of lifestyle change involving a weight loss plan. The more you eat, the more your metabolism speeds up. The key is not to eat large portions, to watch your caloric intake, and to avoid excessive starches.

How much weight would I lose?

When following this plan, a person can expect to lose 2-5 pounds per week. This is safe and healthy weight loss. Because of the composition of the meals, you will not suffer from muscle atrophy and will actually build lean muscle. This plan offers the nutrition that is needed on a daily basis to maintain overall health and wellbeing. It also offers vital vitamins and nutrients that are needed to accomplish optimal health.

Medifast 5 & 1 plan®

The 5 & 1 plan® consists of 5 Medifast meals and 1 Lean & Green™ meal. The meals are all low calorie and low carbohydrate. The first three days that you are on the plan it is critical that you DO NOT deviate from the plan. Your body is developing a routine that will allow itself to remain in a fat burning state. This allows for much desired weight loss. Monitoring daily intake is essential in weight loss. The meals that you will receive and the meal that you will create are low in calories and allow you to burn off and use what you consume as well as some of what you have stored.

There are a variety of items that are available for the 5 meals that comprise the first portion of the plan that are similar to things most of us eat regularly on a daily basis. The only difference is that they are products created in an environment that is driven by the science of health and weight loss.

These products are customized to fit the lifestyle of the casual worker as well of the lifestyle of the busy professional. If you find that there is already not enough time in the day, these products offer the simple solution to your weight loss problems. If you are a person that is on the go most of the day, like a stay-at-home mom, you can easily pack a bag in the morning before you leave the house for a full day with your children of running errands and completing tasks.

Like everything though you would need to spend some time getting planning your meals by day and this is where the Medi fast system comes in. By ordering a meal package all you would need to do is select what you want to eat each day.

Planning to succeed

One of the keys to success using this program is planning your meals before the day starts. You could even plan your meals for the whole month ahead. That way you are sure to be on your way to success.

Here is a suggestion the type of Medifast replacement meals to eat through the day.

  1. Breakfast – Medifast eggs
  2. Mid morning – Medifast shake
  3. Lunch – you can choose to have a Lean & Green™ meal or Medifast soup
  4. Mid afternoon – Medifast crunch bar
  5. Dinner – have your Lean & Green™ meal here if you didn’t have it at lunch. If you had you Lean & Green™ for lunch have some Medifast soup
  6. Evening – Medifast softbake

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