Is using the internet to lose weight possible?


There are numerous benefits on having access to the internet and most of us would be lost if we had to go a day or even a few hours with no access to the internet. We post and read things on social media sites, we feel comfortable sending emails to people we do not know that well or at all, we get majority of our information on world events from it and we use it to learn from. Who hasn’t gone to Wikipedia or Youtube to get more information on a topic. We also use it to buy things and have it shipped to use.

Losing weight is also something we can do through the internet.

Deciding which weight loss program to follow

Regardless of which weight loss program has been recommended to you by friends, family or your doctor one thing to look out for would be the support structure that the program has in place as this is by far one of the most important areas of weight loss.

Being around or in contact with people who are going through the same thing or talking to someone who has been successful at what you are trying to achieve is important.

If a weight loss program does not have some form of support easily accessible available, then it may be best not to use that one. A good and consistent support structure is needed when trying to lose weight. It makes achieving you goal easier.

Support structure of other programs

Jenny Craig

This program offers a personalized menu plan and a face to face with your consultant every week. This combination allows you to gain confidence in being able to create your own menu plan that allow you to keep on track with your goal.

Weight watchers

For over 50 years weight watchers have provided a program to help people lose weight. The program offer a variety of ways to get the support needed. You can communicate 7 days a week with coaches online, in groups, over the phone, by taking advantage of 1 on 1 coaching or using live chat.


Medifast offer a variety of weight loss programs that provide diet plans with one to one coaching, online discussion groups, access to weight loss centres and an app to help record progress.

What do weight loss programs teach

Regardless of what program you go on, they all teach about the best food options, the amount to eat and how they should be cooked in order to get the most nutritional value. Plus, how to maintain your weight loss.

On the Medifast Lean and Green™ meal, the green option is categorized into lower, moderate and higher carbohydrates. Each category lists the quantity to eat and the green vegetables that fall into them.

The lean option is also categorized into leanest, leaner and lean. It lists meat, fish and meatless options, the quantities to eat per serve and best way to cook them.

Once the diet plan phase is completed, different types of food is added to the plan to help with maintainance.

The Medifast plans can be bought directly from the providers website, where you would find out about other meal plans they have available.

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